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It is imposible to imagine Atmos Hotel Boutique without its environment

Atmos is located in the beautiful Outes, 9km from the historical center of Noia, 35km away from Santiago de Compostela and about one hour and a half from A Coruña. The hotel is surrounded by an unique environment, full of paths near the Tambre river, places of tourist interest and great views from Mirador do Castelo or Monte Tremuzo. Are you in?


Near Atmos Hotel Boutique, you can find the river mouth of Tambre river, one of the most important rivers os Galicia with 125km of lenght.

125km full of walk paths and hiking routes: suspensions bridges, dreamy walks and history to discover.

A natural environment, surrounded by nature, sea, mountain, sunsets and magic.


Near Atmos Hotel Boutique, you will discover the medieval bridge Ponte Nafonso, special for its 20 arches.

An impressive construction from 14th century which connects Outes and Noia.

Stop by its recreational área: take a picture, observe, breath and enjoy.


From the large Windows of Atmos Hotel Boutique,you can notice San Tirso de Cando church.

It has been built in 1744 and it’s considered one of the most important and ancient churches in Outes. e antigas do concello de Outes.

Admire its bell tower and fell yourself part of the village.


Thanks to Langaño or Engano Bridge you can observe the inlet of Tambre river.

This inlet is the perfect place to enjoy a route with a dugout canoe or kayak.

Encourage yourself to delight in going to the river with one of the companies that offer trips by the river.

entorno Atmos Hotel - faro finisterre


Once in Outes, you have to visit the most important lighthouse in Costa da Morte: Finisterre lighthouse.

It is known as the end of the World because of its situation: it is the most occidental part of continental Europe. That is the reason why it is an obligatory stop for the pilgrims and people who wants to experiment the unique feel of being “by the end of the World”.


The capital of Galicia is just 40 minutes by car from Atmos Hotel Boutique: Santiago de Compostela.

Get lost by the old city center, and walk to the Cathedral. Feel like a pilgrim, go down the streets and discover the monuments and squares. Don’t forget to visit one of the most relevants work of the contemporary architecture: “Cidade da Cultura”.

entorno Atmos Hotel - Santiago de Compostela
entorno Atmos Hotel - Ezaro


Ézaro is a small town home of one of most magical places of Galicia: “Ézaro Waterfall”  also known as Xallas waterfall.

Xallas river is the only river in Europe which flows into the sea as a waterfall from a high of almost 100 meters and whose beauty is posible to admire all over the year.

Visit Ézaro viewpoint to enjoy the views from the top of the waterfall.


Just 30 minutes from Atmos Hotel Boutique there is Muros, a charming seafaring villa. This is a compulsory stop, specially during summer when its streets are full of life and its nights are magical.

Get lost by the old part of the villa and discover the little squares, crossings and centennial fountains.

Finish the visit by walking to the port, market and beautiful promenade.

entorno Atmos Hotel - Muros
entorno Atmos Hotel - castro baroña


In Porto do Son, you can discover the best preserved fort of Galicia: o Castro de Baroña.

This fort is located in a rocky península dating back to the Iron Age. There is an easy and well sindicated walking route to reach the fort. You will discover all the details thanks to a notice board.


The lovely medieval villa of Noia is just 15 minutes by car from Atmos Hotel Boutique.

Walk by its old town, recognized as a site of historic and artistic interest, go down it’s beautiful streets and squares. Fall in love with its medieval aesthetic and its legends. The are unique!

entorno Atmos Hotel - Noia
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