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Atmos Hotel Boutique was created based on the idea of revolutionizing the rural turism, combining design, sustainability and technology in a rural environent. Located in Cando (Outes, A Coruña), Atmos was introduced as a town life renewal giving visibility to the oportunity of disconnecting from daily life to connect with nature surrounded by hiking routes, paths and walks by the Tambre river. In this way, a new lifestyle concept was born: the sustainable luxury.

Commitment to sustainability

Atmos Fera 360 S.L. works actively to reach an space of disconnection and quality, caring for the environment and sustainability. For this reason, the team made an environmental commintment based of consumption reduction, autoproduction, the consumption of sustainable energy and a commintment based on the reduction of the use paper and other waste. Sustainable turism must provide a value change and grow towards an experiencial tourism through the sustainable purchase colaborating with local producers to reinforce local production.

Equality policy

Atmos Fera 360 S.L. has an equality plan based on a serie of meassures and actions in order to guarantee total equality on the oportunities deleting any discrimination direct or indirect for gender reasons.